We ship our cheese Australia-wide in insulated cooler boxes, foil pouches or similar using *TOLL overnight freight, the fastest delivery option available to us.

Most customers can expect to receive their order the following day. If we think delivery may take a little longer (which it can for some regional locations) or the weather is warmer, we pack extra ice.

Please supply a physical address (not a PO Box). No signature is required at delivery, so we suggest you provide instructions on where the box should be left in the absence of someone being there to receive it. Where no such instructions are provided, the box will be left somewhere at the discretion of the deliverer.

When we dispatch your order, we email you a tracking number and link so that you can track your package if you wish.

We personally select and pack your cheese. The boxes / pouches are chilled using frozen ice bricks/cells. Please unwrap and check your cheese immediately upon receipt and place in the refrigerator.  It is not unusual for the ice to have melted, the temperature to have risen and consequently some ripening to have occurred. Also, our mould-ripened cheeses can be strong smelling and rustic looking.

When extreme heat is anticipated, we hold off on dispatch until conditions are more suitable. We also reserve the right to cancel  / refund or defer an order due to unforeseen circumstances. (But we’ll do our best to avoid this).

If you have any concerns please contact us straight away. We want you to be happy with your cheese.

*Small orders or orders to very remote locations may be sent via Australia Post Express Post. We generally mail on a Tuesday. If you think, because of your location, you may not receive the goods within the week, we advise against going ahead with the order. The onus is on you to research how long Express Post is likely to take to your location. We send from Robe 5276.

Sending as a gift?

We recommend you let your recipient know to expect a package that will require refrigeration. You may also want to impress on them that our cheeses are not “long life” cheeses (see below).

When should the cheese be eaten?

We send cheese with the expectation that it will be enjoyed within the next week or two. Our soft cheeses are not stabilised or artificially preserved; they are not “long life” cheeses like  mass-produced supermarket cheeses. Our cheese is fragile, aromatic and can ripen and intensify relatively rapidly.

Best before dates are provided on all products we send. With our soft cheeses, this is around 2 weeks from the date of dispatch.

Can yoghurt or milk be sent?

No, sorry, just cheese.


Your personal details will not be used for any purpose other than to fulfilll your order. Payments are made through PayPal and Square. Robe Dairy does not collect or retain your financial details.

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