Tailor a dairy pack

Send me an email julie@robedairy.com and I’ll send you a list of what we have available at the time. You can pick and choose what you would like to order, providing  you order at least 4 items. I will then send you a Square or Paypal invoice/ quote.

We will do our best to accommodate you, however some products, such as our milk, are in very short supply and cannot be guarenteed. And because you are talking directly with the cheesemaker/ owner it’s easy to communicate any preferences. Eg you may prefer really ripe cheese, or this is a gift to someone and you’d like to leave a message.

Please note that due to the pandemic, time of year, and seasonal availability, our range of products is somewhat restricted. What we are making, however, is made with love and is cheese we are very proud of. We will do our best to introduce more variety over coming months.

Dispatch is Tuesday and Friday or you can arrange for curbside pickup. Please read our Delivery, Privacy & FAQS before ordering.