One of each – *popular* Robe only

$98.00 $79.00

Can’t decide? Why not try one of everything. For delivery in Robe only. Offer includes

  • Red Terra Limited Edition Washed Rind. 1 x 140g round. Rich,  intense savoury flavour, buttery soft and pungent.
  • Guichen Bay Limited Edition Camembert. 1 x 140g round. Grey heirloom rind, lovely flavour. Another farm shop favourite.
  • St Clair Brie. 1 x 140g wedge. Soft and ripe, rich complex flavour.
  • Nora Creina Camembert. 1 x 140g round. Soft, ripe, full flavoured.
  • Labneh. 1 x 200g tub. Creamy and tangy, national trophy and gold medal winner.
  • Yoghurt 1 x 540g tub. Strained Greek-style yoghurt made with only two ingredients – milk and yoghurt culture.
  • Fromage blanc. Fresh cultured cheese, simple and versatile. A farm shop favourite.
  • Jersey milk. 1 x 2L bottle. Full-cream and unhomogenised.
  • Rosé jelly. Made by us with local wine. A farm shop favourite.
  • Lavosh crackers. 100g packet. Simple and natural, made with butter and olive oil.

Both the labneh and fromage blanc come with a recipe card, with lots of easy ideas that use ingredients from your fridge and pantry.

We deliver free of charge to any Robe address (township or Long Beach).

Dispatch is Tuesday and Friday, last orders 10am Monday and 10am Thursday respectively. Please read our Delivery, Privacy & FAQS before ordering.