Inspired by the farmhouse fermier Brie cheeses of France, Robe Dairy St Clair is made on the farm by just the two of us, exclusively with milk from our small herd of Jersey cows.

Rich and aromatic with a thin velvet rind, St Clair is not stabilised (unlike most of its mass-produced counterparts) allowing the cheese to develop and intensify with age.

Affinage is lengthy by modern standards. Each of the large wheels is closely monitored and tended to, withheld from sale until just the right time. On release, St Clair exhibits a full, exquisite flavour and lovely textural gradient from rind to centre. The cheese rapidly progresses towards a rustic appearance, flowing texture and intense, refined flavour over its short shelf life.

St Clair derives its name from nearby Lake St Clair, a bleak yet beautiful natural wetland situated between Robe and Beachport.

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